Oxford Street Playground EOI Concept Design

Oct 4, 2013

Located within a very urban environment, this vibrant town centre location adjacent the main street full of shops, restaurants and bars makes this site very unique and a great opportunity to create a place where kids can let their imagination run WILD and  parents can keep an eye on their children whilst enjoying their coffee.

The existing trees offer a great asset to the site not only providing natural shade but also providing a fantastic vertical elements within the playground to help create the feeling of a  FOREST within the ‘URBAN JUNGLE’.

The idea of an ‘URBAN JUNGLE’ focuses on using natural elements such as rocks, logs, vines / ropes as play equipment whilst surround by a very urban environment.

Before further developing the idea of the urban jungle we looked at what age groups would be using this playground and what movements and actions we could encourage. Upon listing a range of actions including CLIMBING, SWINGING, CRAWLING, BALANCE, JUMPING it became apparent these were also actions and movements typical of monkeys playing. It seemed appropriate the theme of MONKEY TOWN was a perfect fit for the idea of an urban jungle.

Playground concept sketch by Peter Woodward
Playground concept sketch by Peter Woodward

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